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Securing Land for Renewables ProjectsLegal and Practical Issues

What are the challenges with assembling land and securing rights for renewables projects? This talk will examine the current challenges as well as the legal principles underpinning the granting of suitable land rights, including consideration of the shortcomings of those commonly granted to accommodate infrastructure.


Experts and BiasGetting the right Expert to do the right thing

The impartiality of expert evidence in the context of UK civil proceedings is central to the fair administration of justice. This lecture considers the issues relevant to maintaining the expert’s independence and avoiding bias.

Diane Martin will review the expectations and experience of expert evidence from the point of view of the Tribunal. She will address the ways in which potentially biased evidence is approached by the Tribunal - within case management, at the hearing, and in the final determination.

Caroline Shea KC will examine the law concerning an expert’s obligation to remain independent and the challenges arising in practice. She will present a principled and pragmatic approach to preventing or defusing situations where the expert may profess independence, but is in reality biased.


When Nature StrikesProperty Law and Natural Disasters

Climate change, extreme weather events and the resultant increased risks of flooding and erosion, fire and overheating, are causing novel difficulties for landowners and occupiers. How are the challenges presently met, and is the law fit for purpose?

The first part of this lecture will consider the measured duty of care on landowners. When is a landowner liable for damage to others caused by something that was naturally on their land which they did not take steps to control?

The second part of the lecture looks beyond the measured duty of care, and explores other private and public law remedies by which damage caused by nature can be relieved.


Property and ProtestPractical problems where protest and property rights clash

Recent years have seen a considerable increase in the number of protests concerning environmental and other issues, some of which encroach on public and private property rights.

These talks, given by an advocate with considerable experience in situations where private property is threatened by protestors, and a King’s Bench Division Judge engaged in determining the disputes that arise, will examine the legal remedies that apply.

2024 format

Each lecture will start promptly at 6pm. Please register at 5.45pm.

Lecture 6.00pm until 7.30pm followed by networking during which refreshments and bowl food will be served. Finish around 8:30pm.

Price (in-person & online): £80 + VAT = £96 for each lecture or £320 + VAT = £384 for all four.

We have a limited number of in-person tickets available. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Special Offer (limited numbers in person, so subject to availability): If you purchase a complete set of 4 lecture tickets at full price you are entitled to buy a second half price set, at the same time, for use by a colleague of under 4 years PQE

The In-Person Ticket (limited numbers) includes:

  • Attendance in person at Inner Temple
  • Networking and reception where bowl food will be served
  • The lecture followed by Q&A
  • Speakers’ written papers
  • Access to zoom recording (lectures only) for up to 3 months post event

The Online Ticket includes:

  • The lecture online to watch live followed by Q&A
  • Speakers’ written papers
  • Access to zoom recording (lecture only) for up to 3 months post-event.

Tickets should be purchased in the name of the person attending together with their email address. If this is unknown at the time of booking, please let us know the details as soon as possible by email.


  • Mr Justice Adam Constable

    Mr Justice Adam Constable

  • Diane Martin

    Diane Martin

    Lands Chamber
  • Camilla Chorfi

    Camilla Chorfi

    Falcon Chambers
  • Leilah Rawle

    Leilah Rawle

    CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP
  • Caroline Shea KC

    Caroline Shea KC

    Falcon Chambers
  • Oliver Radley-Gardner KC

    Oliver Radley-Gardner KC

    Falcon Chambers
  • James Sutherland

    James Sutherland

    Burges Salmon LLP
  • Jonathan Karas KC

    Jonathan Karas KC

    Falcon Chambers

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